Edquity is the first of its kind college financial planning app for high school and college students, helping ensure that no student will need to drop out of college for financial reasons and that every student will be able to realize a positive return on his or her college investment.


Credpal allows businesses and individuals to purchase items and pay for it in installments across online and offline merchants by providing them with instant access to credit at the point of checkout.


Business based payment solutions and invoice collections

Collateral Velocity

Collateral management technology solution provider that supports flexible and scalable receivables and payables-based financing programs for lenders.


Quartix is a data and technology driven alternative lender operating in the US and Canada. Quartix buys suppliers invoices from businesses, the customer, that they have already approved. Quartix will collect from business upon invoice maturity, so they don’t pay a day too early!


Automates & gamifies credit establishment, successfully qualifying people for cars, homes, and loans.


Qoins is an automated micro-payment platform that uses your spare change to pay off debt.


Equipment leasing lenders marketplace.

Finsophy PBC

A digital ecosystem for transparent & mission-aligned capital